As someone who works in post-production (I'm an editor), it sounds pretty pretentious when you say that 4k and 48fps are not enough to do the things you want to do. In fact the digital makeup sentence was the only that made sense in that post. There is no way you could finance a 3d sci-fi movie from book sales, but if your story is good enough someone who ~actually~ knows how to make movies will buy it from you.

I’ve worked in pre-production, post-production and production for the last decade in Hollywood and out. I’ve been lead director at one of the oldest studios in America, I’ve edited 16mm film with a pair of scissors and some tape and your stuck up douche-melon boast doesn’t impress me. You call me pretentious but you end your message by telling someone you never met that maybe his film will get bought by someone who “~actually~ knows how to make movies”. With little squiggly things around “actually”. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more pathetic asshole in all my time on tumblr, and that’s saying a lot.

How is it pretentious for me to say Hobbit didn’t look good enough? How did that not make sense to you? Are you too stupid to comprehend resolution and frame rate? You claim the digital makeup bit is all that made sense to you so I can’t imagine how you function as an editor when you don’t get how 48fps and 4K resolution might not be up to someone else’s standards. I’ve seen 72fps and it’s another world. I’ve seen the resolution necessary to leave the uncanny valley completely and it’s a lot higher than 4K or 8K.

I want to make Valhalla with immersive 3D. That’s “Stab you in the eye” 3D where it feels like you’re in the room with the characters, not this easy-on-the-eyes fad that’s marring most films since Avatar. I haven’t seen anyone try it since Hugo because modern technology can’t manage to do it well enough to be completely convincing. A 96fps movie at 16K would. Remember I’ll be making this movie with the technology of 2025, not 2014. I’ve spent years researching this with some of the finest minds in camera technology, so truly, fuck off with your unwarranted superiority complex.

To claim “There is no way you could finance a 3d sci-fi movie from book sales” you have to be not only a colossal idiot but an utterly hopelessly short sighted one as well. A Panasonic AG-3DP1GJ Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camera costs about $30,000. For under 100K you can make a 3D movie today. For under a million I could make the sci-fi film I intend to make as a precursor to a Valhalla film, a simple college sci-fi comedy to prove the technology and hone my skills. 50 Shades of Grey is making about $1M per week. And you don’t think I can make a movie off the money from a successful book? Pathetic.

Not to mention you have no clue of my plans for fundraising outside of the novel and the people I intend to work with in and out of the industry to fund the $100M+ Valhalla movie.

Your poor taste in writing such a letter astounds me. Your cowardice in writing it anonymously doesn’t, but the sheer contemptibility of telling me I should hope to get my life’s work bought by someone who, and I use your despicable typing, “~actually~ knows how to make movies” is one of the lowest, most pathetic, sickening, appalling moves I’ve ever seen on the internet. You make 4chan look like Mensa for fuck sake.

Don’t write again unless it’s off anon to apologize publicly for being an asshole of monumental proportions.